A leading player in the banknote industry, VHP Security Paper has been producing and supplying state-of-the-art banknote paper to Central banks and high security printers throughout the world for more than 200 years.

Quality Watermarks


Pixel™ is a breakthrough multi-tone watermark technology. Its effect is created from a high contrast between a light background and dark dots, generating a deeper image with more perspective.


HD Vision™ offers exceptional definition and detail. Thanks to enhanced intensity of black and white areas, HD Vision™ is a high-contrast, luminous and remarkably bright watermark.

High Durability Papers

VHP Security Paper offers an extensive range of substrates to match the requirements of different banknote denominations and circulation conditions. With over two centuries of experience and expertise in the banknote paper production, VHP Security paper has played a key role in the development of high durable solutions to meet its clients’ requests to extend banknotes lifespan.


Diamone™ is a cost-effective and high-durability banknote paper with anti-soiling properties and high print quality. It is compatible with all the common security features and it has a +70% longevity index in comparison to notes printed on standard banknote paper.


Highlink™ is a crumpling resistant and highly cohesive banknote fibrous substrate comprising a bulk-integrated flocculated latex. It is a much more cohesive cotton paper substrate, resistant to destructuration of the cotton fibres.


Banknote papers are highly technical substrates which can include many different elements such as pigments and fibers, watermarks, security threads, holograms, screen printings as well as treatments. Banknotes can be an issue of public health as they are a breeding ground for diseases and epidemics. Indeed, they host countless micro-organisms and billions of them are exchanged daily.

This is why we developed Bioguard™, a banknote treatment offering antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal protection.

Security Threads

Security threads are one of the most reliable security features used in banknote paper to protect against counterfeit. Security threads are very versatile in designs, effects and insertion methods.


To bring a human touch

Picture Thread™ allows detailed and complex images, such as portraits, to be included on security threads. Arrays of fine dots create tonal variation, resulting in a 3D effect, which is extremely difficult to mimic.


New generation of thread technology

Pulsar™  is a colour or colourshift thread with moving effect which integrates innovative micro-optics to create fascinating dynamic visual effects.



A new original and powerful design platform for security threads

Wide windowed security thread, machine readable, showing two tracks, side-by-side, with optically variable effects and connected by bridges. Negative patterns and/or texts are incorporated on both tracks and across the bridges.


A simple and efficient security thread with brilliant and easily recognizable colourshifting effects based on Liquid Crystal technology.


Security thread with cleartext patterns and featuring an alternation of fluorescent colours along the front and an inverted alternation of the same fluorescent colours along the back, creating thereby at least a third different fluorescent colour on the transparent patterns.