About us

VHP is a medium-sized company with 170 employees. The departments within VHP are very approachable. Every age group is represented within our organization. We also have an active personnel association, which often organizes joint activities.VHP is located on the Veluwe in the middle of the forests, where you can go for a walk during your break. It is easy to reach. When you come off the highway, you are on location within a minute.


VHP Security Paper has specialized in the manufacturing of high security paper for banknotes since 1890.

We are market leader in the banknote industry and supply high quality state of the art banknote paper to customers worldwide.


Worldwide, 8 billion people use our distinctive, high quality product on a daily basis.

We pride ourselves on our craftmanship and are constantly evolving to deliver a truly artisan product.

Sustainability is key in our workplace, we consistently strive for the optimum balance between “people, planet and profit”.



  • 1644: Foundation of the papermill
  • 1890: Production of first banknotes
  • 1945: VHP becomes the only Dutch banknote paper supplier
  • 1978: Acquisition by Dutch National Bank
  • 2000: Acquisition by Arjowiggins Group
  • 2017: Acquisition by Oberthur Fiduciaire


VHP Security Paper B.V. is part of Oberthur Fiduciaire, a world leader in security printing.


Key facts

Production capacity

  • up to 6,500 tons
  • Banknote paper 100%
  • Deliveries: 100% sheets


  • 170 highly qualified employees
  • 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and 48 week/year








Anti-bribery management




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